Creating a Merit-Based Music Economy: Compulsory or Blanket Licensing for Interactive Subscription Services
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A. The Business of Music Hits and the Star System
  1. The Essence of Mass Media
  2. Why Radio is (Still) So Important
  3. Bottlenecks in the System -- Scarcity of Access
  4. The Payola Dynamic and High Risk
  5. The Ramifications of High Risk
  6. Using Copyright to Leverage Risk
  7. The Power Pillars of Major Music Market Control

B. Grass Roots Music and the Struggle For Artistic Integrity
  1. Small Venues
  2. Make Your Own Record!
  3. The Precious Mailing List
  4. The Gig-Centered Business Model
  5. How Do You Get the Numbers to Add Up???
  6. The Final Analysis

C. How Mass Customization Could Empower Both Artists and Fans
  1. Full Catalog Access, Per-Play Revenue, and Risk-less Sampling
  2. Breaking the Promotion Bottleneck, Ending The Muzak Effect
  3. Replacing the Pole Vault With the Stepladder
  4. Why Other Alternatives Don't Help Grass Roots

D. How the Traditional Players Could Stymie the Whole Thing Today
  1. The Full Catalog At Risk
  2. Fluid Exposure At Risk
  3. The Majors Take Their Ball and Go Home
  4. Subscriptions At Risk
  5. Artist Revenue At Risk


MOCA Addendum

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