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Radio, the Culprit, Dan Krimm

Subject: All-Advertising Radio Station

WWAX, out of Hermantown, Minnesota (near Duluth), was reported recently by Marketing News as launching a new format with "all ads, all the time." If this isn't an indication that the music is increasingly irrelevant to radio, I don't know what is.

There are certainly some real candidates for in-house consumer/advertising music radio production. Either radio networks or radio programming syndicators (such as MJI in pop radio) can bring content production in-house, or else business-music service providers such as Muzak, AEI and 3M Media InTouch who provide in-house produced music content for businesses ("elevator music" etc.) could begin to address the consumer/advertising market.

Eventually, someone is going to jump on this opportunity, and if the record companies aren't ready for it, they'll be scrambling for a while to develop the online channels, such as the catalogs mentioned on this site.

-- Dan Krimm
posted 7/20/96