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Music Unbound presents a forum for discussions on issues related to the goal of becoming free of limiting categorizations of musical style. Comments may be submitted below, on a variety of topics, subject to review and posting by the moderator:

  • Articles posted or referred to on this site
  • New Topics to be discussed below
  • Catalogs described on this site (or suggestions for new ones to list)
  • Friends shown here, and their music or careers
  • Resources for musicians and music presenters, for career development
    (If this becomes well-utilized, a separate page will be created for it)
Note: Due to time constraints of unrelated endeavors, the Music Unbound Forum has unfortunately closed it doors for the time being. We may consider using an off-the-shelf package to create an unmoderated forum, but that would possibly compromise the goals of the forum. We are leaving existing posts up indefinitely, and have posted all appropriate posts submitted up to 8/19/99, but new posts will not be accomodated at this time.

We thank you for your contributions, and continue to support the spirit of unconstrained creation of music.