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Traditionalism, the Obstacle

Playing styles?

I play guitar, and I love to play any type of music because the guitar is an awesome musical tool. Over the years I've seen many different types of bands playing a certain style (i.e. Rock, Country, Heavy Metal). Well, just recently, my favorite band, Metallica, released an album that blew their fans away. The reason is because they still play hard heavy metal but with different sounds and styles. There are a lot of mixed emotions about this because people only wanted to hear the Heavy Metallica and don't know how to accept the different styles they're using now. Anyways, the reason I put this up here is because I'm curious who makes the rules of music. Who is the mediator that tells me what I can and can't play because of a certain style? I just want to meet the person that makes all these laws and teach them to play music so they can see how fun it really is, no matter what you play. Until then, I will keep playing what I want in whatever style I want. And, I hope Metallica's next will be just as controversial and that more bands will start to mix the styles.

-- Robert
posted 10/23/97