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There are friends of this site who are out there slugging away, trying to make ends meet while making personal, interesting and accomplished music. We support them in all of their efforts, and encourage you to check them out -- you may not find them as easily in the mainstream.

Margo is a truly wonderful singer/songwriter, plays piano and guitar and writes tunes that delve deep into the personal psyche, in order to bring it into the sunlight and heal its wounds and uncertainties.

With influences from contemporary folk, pop and traditional Celtic music, plus a dash of blues, rock or jazz thrown in. A bit of Joni Mitchell, perhaps a shade of Tori Amos, some Bonnie Raitt -- oh, who knows where it came from! -- whatever its sources, Margo brings these together, fresh and personal. Two albums available from 1-800-PRIME-CD ("our name is our number") are both worth having in your collection. Also, she tours around the Northeast, Midwest and Atlantic coast -- you can get on her mailing list and see her perform, which is a truly living experience.

Summer 1998 update: Margo's third album is out, and it's great: Big Love. Together with new husband and guitarist Mark Saunders, she continues with the deep nuance that characterises her first two, but begins to stretch a little bit into additional textures -- just a touch of funk or rock in places -- as she steps out into a bigger realm.

* groovelily
Watch out, world, groovelily is getting ready to spring themselves on your consciousness. Violinist/vocalist Valerie Vigoda, keyboardist/vocalist Brendan Milburn, and drummer Gene Lewin combine to create a big group sound with accomplished technique, fresh-twisting compositions, cleverly constructed lyrics, engaging grooves, eclectic tastes and styles, and just one heck of a powerful stage presence that is guaranteed to take hold of you in concert.

With two group albums and an additional solo release by Brendan, combined with sideman touring that Valerie did in '97 and '98 with Cyndi Lauper and Joe Jackson, this group has some solid experience under their belts, and is looking forward to a solid season of college concerts in '99/'00 after a powerhouse appearance at the national NACA showcase in Nashville, in February.

groovelily is an exceptional group in that they are "musicians' musicians" while simultaneously providing a strong popular appeal to a wide audience. Featured recently in WFUV's "Required Listening" series at the Bottom Line in NYC (to a rousing reception), they are on the rise, and promise to build some impressive visibility in the next year.

Walter Parks, on lead vocals and guitar, and Stephanie Winters, on backup vocals and cello, make sweet, resonant, delicate, bombastic, poetic, direct, acoustic folk-based music, with a touch of chamber/classical, the Hot Club of Jazz, and world-beat percussion. Their harmonies will crawl into your belly, and their epiphanies will unchain your heart.

Their second album "Velvet Sofa," on Acoustic America Records, follows on the heels of their self-titled debut, both accomplished, soulful and satisfying. They tour mostly up and down the entire East Coast, with a continually expanding spiral, to the Midwest and California. You can get an autographed copy of the photo above from their web site, as well as tour schedule, mail-order for their recordings, and a classic T-shirt. Also, song clips, frequently-asked questions, reviews, and contact info.

The Nudes at The Bottom Line, 8/10/96

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