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Subject: The Nudes at Bottom Line, NYC, 8/10/96

The Nudes are breaking into the big time these days, with their first appearance at The Bottom Line in New York, last night. In a double bill with singer/songwriter Happy Rhodes, they shared two shows as the warm-up act, and delighted the audience with their passion, musicality and humor. Even though they were not promised an encore for the first show, the audience had none of that and insisted on a repeat appearance before letting the crew prepare for the Rhodes set. They responded with a deliciously tongue-in-cheek rendition of their "Hot Club of Paris" tribute, "Early in the Morning" complete with Walter in full Belmondo accent.

This duo has been on the road for 3 years now, evident from the polish with which Stephanie filled space as Walter replaced a string broken while traveling from one guitar tuning to another. Their complicated and accomplished arrangements of tunes with both rhythmic power and nuanced subtlety were performed with confidence and panache, and proved a true pleasure in every way.

If this gig doesn't prove that The Nudes are ready for prime time, nothing does.

-- Dan Krimm
posted 8/11/96