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The Music of Bjork

first of all, i want to say how glad i am that such a site as this exists, in order to shed light on the cons of music genres. the music industry has relied too heavily upon them to support artists, rather on their talent as performers.

one artist who has made it a point to stay away from categorization is the Icelandic composer Bjork. it is very hard to read a review of her latest album, Homogenic, without the author refering to her as a "pop-dance diva." now anyone who has heard her latest album knows this to be a bunk statement. in fact, Bjork has said herself that she doesn't believe in genres.

as a huge fan of her music, i am constantly vexed by the fact that on so-called "alternative" radio stations, Bjork,who epitomizes the alternative scene, is seldom heard. it is because she is genre-less, that mainstream stations and stores are reluctant to pick up on her talent.

the music industry needs to seriously reform their approach to music appreciation, and realize that just because a band can fit into a genre, does not make the band good.

-- Jay Rosen
posted 2/2/98