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Resuscitating Art Music (NARAS Journal), John Steinmetz

Music as art

This is from an electro/underground/industrial/ noise point of view.

I think the problem lies in the fact that the legitimacy of music as an artform has been compromised by record companies and the commercialization of music.

To me, the only music that I find some real artistic merit in is the stuff that is hard to find and "difficult" to listen to, because mainstream music all pretty much sounds the same and is filled with lame melodies and meaningless lyrics and is further glamorized by MTV and empty music videos.

Even mainstream music that IS sincere in its expression, I find, is hard to take seriously because of the company it shares with shallow, corporate bullshit. It's a guilt-by-association thing.

It's very unfortunate because you'd think that it would be good for a musician or group to gain popularity and get their message out to the masses but it's the other way around.

Many "fans" see appealing to the masses as selling out (the dumbest phrase I have ever heard in my life).

Don't get me wrong, I think that some music is great as pure entertainment, but it's unfortunate that many people can't make the distinction between music as art and music as shallow entertainment.

But maybe it's good that true "Art-music" is hard to find because only the ones that take it seriously and are willing to look hard for it "deserve it." ;)

-- James
posted 6/29/98