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William Blake once said, "I know of no other Christianity and no other Gospel than the liberty of both of body and mind to exercise the divine arts of imagination."

On todays Major / (not so) Independent Record Companies, the Media, the Music Press and too many bland offsring of Coupland's Generation X - Blake's philosophy is lost.

Where have the real artists disppeared to? Artists like The Doors,Marc Bolan, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd or Nick Drake. Oh, I'm only into boring old Classic rock I hear you say. Ok, where are the Mark Hollis', The John Foxx's, The David Sylvian's or The Bowies? The Sex Pistols? Or The Missions, New Model Army's, Bauhaus' oh I think you get my lamenting point. These musicians would have understood my friend William, ironically a man totally ignored in his lifetime but a cult hero in his grave.

As big companies buy up and merge everything into just them and their FMCG's and artists are too weak-willed to be anything different from what their A&R people demand, because of what the pluggers demand, I wait for the day when the sluggish old caterpillar finally falters, falls off its precarious perch and dies.

Should make a beautiful butterfly.

-- David Gulvin
posted 2/9/99