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Bowman Arrow (too many genes in the pool)

I'm a musician from the Pensacola, Fl. area, actually to be more accurate, I'm a 47 year old electronic technician by day, a web crawler by night, and former working musician/current songwriter. Last year you might say I went a little bit 'Middle-Age Crazy' and recorded my first solo CD, called 'r.e.b.'. My band name or entity is Bowman Arrow. This was basically a labor of love, however aside from a few mixing flaws I'm quite proud of it. As hard as I tried to divorce myself from the rock'n'roll frame of mind, I couldn't shake off the songwriting end. They just kept popping out. Considering I have no kids, the CD will have to do for 'posterity'. The subject I'd like to briefly address now is music's 'category/genre' dilemma. I really can't say it's been a big problem for me because my main intent and purpose of my CD and web page is to showcase my songwriting for publishers, producers etc., and diversity is actually an asset in that respect. But try & find a market for it!?! The CD contains Rock'n'Roll (hard,medium,& soft),blues,ballads, and Country(traditional,modern & folk). That means the Rock stations won't play it because it's too 'country',the country stations say it's too rock oriented, actually I think (not to mention it not being on a major label) it's just that I'm too old. Ironically I used to think when I got too old for R&R there'd always be country. This business of categorizing everything has been around a long time and as an old trouper I was well aware of 'spreading myself too thin', but I doubt I'll be doing this every year and wanted to put my best 'feet' forward. "To me there are two types of music, good and bad"--Paul McCartney. And each of those is in the ear of the beholder. To further confuse the matter my web page also features a classical sounding rather haunting melody,"Annalee", intended for a romantic movie coming to a theater near you, and a Devo-influenced techno-rock song called "Information Overload" about the interNET, news media glut, Heaven's Gate and general frantic pace we seem to be approaching the new century. I wish to thank Music Unbound for providing a Forum to vent my love and dread of this business we call Music. Please stop by sometime and visit my web site and feel free to Email me

-- Ron E. Bowman
posted 08/16/97