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New Kinds of Music

I am an artist who has refused to sell out to music industry restrictions for 25 years, and that's why I am still a starving artist type in spite of doing quality work. However, everything has changed with the advent of the World Wide Web, which provides a low cost means of world wide distribution, so any artist who can afford to record a CD has the potential to succeed without conforming to industry marketing criteria. But people have to find these individual web pages put up by new artists doing unique, quality work. I would like to suggest that anyone aware of such Web pages list the URLs here, and perhaps even provide a brief description of the music.

For example, my band is called Psychic Trance Fur, and after seven years of consistent work we have finally released an album called "Head." It is very intense yet mellow, synthesis and guitars, half instrumental, very "spacey." Kind of like Pink Floyd, yet it sounds nothing at all like that band, or any other.

It would also help change the way the music industry does business if those of us aware of new music request it on the radio and ask for it in stores. The music biz follows demand.

-- Koda
posted 3/26/98