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Breaking free of musical definition

There is nothing worse than definition in original music, be it self-imposed or otherwise. I am a singer-songwriter and if I choose to record a country album, followed by a techno album, then a jazz album, etc. I should be able to do it. All of these influences are in what I do. Even the people who claim, "I listen to everything", really don't. I would just as soon put on Marilyn Manson or Crystal Method as I would the Grateful Dead or the Allman Bros. People like what they like, and that's fine, but true innovation and originality comes from mixing the elements of opposing types. Some would dismiss this as too extremist or say, "Well you have to have some continuity" but why? Good songs are good songs, period. There is nothing wrong with ignorance about certain types of music, but when you're not even willing to learn about it, that, to me, is the definition of stupidity. Until this is eliminated, music will continue to be defined by "stupid" people.

-- Mike Tyler
posted 4/6/99