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I am a grad student in Music Theory/Composition at Ball State University. I am currently doing the preliminary research for my music research class which forms the basis for my Master's Thesis creative project in the spring. The idea that I am pursuing concerns the relationship of "art" music to pop music. I've yet to narrow down the topic so I am going around asking musicians and the general public who they consider to be the most influencial bands of rock music. I realize that that genre is open to a lot of interpretation. Actually, I'm counting on the nebulousness of the term "rock" to generate some interesting ideas. My paper will take one of two tracks. First, I could do an analysis of the music of three influential bands to derive a music theory of rock music, which would lead to a creative project that involves using this theory with traditionally orchestral instruments. Second, I could do a compare and contrast between the two genres from the performance point of view, which would lead to a performance that combines the performance practices of both. If you would like to confirm this story, learn more about me or listen to some midis of my recent work, you can check out my website at: Thank you for your attention. D. Jason Smith P.S. I just like to also say that I saw The Nudes twice when they played at Common Grounds in Charleston, WV. It was a very good evening in both cases.

-- D. Jason Smith
posted 8/19/99