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I am a teenager living on the outskirts of an upper class upity white trash hole called southlake, TX. Most of the kids in my town are a bunch of bastard fuck-ups and people convinced that they can make a living by dressing cool and playing sports. A few "out there" people are aspiring DJ's that dont realise that that its more than owning two turn tables and some of your dads old records. I use an Akai s-20 and a yamaha su-10 along with a bunch of computer programs ( cool edit, sound forge, fasttraker, little drummer boy, ect...) and just fuck it all to peices. Look to the suburbs. its gonna spit out a whole new animal soon. Equipped with the knowledge of what happens when you sell your name to a record company. they fuck you in the ass till your a dried up husk of shit. then your music, the whole reason you live, becomes stale & shitty. You cant try to milk the shit, or you get bit in the ass. Write me if you feel the same.

-- Ryan Crawford
posted 1/10/99