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Radio, the Culprit

One hit wonder or style over substance.

Being a former musician and rabid music fan (still am) I have found a disturbing trend appearing in the industry.

Over the past 8 years music has become a shadow of its former self. With the exception of a few bands i.e. TOOL,KORN,COAL CHAMBER,PANTERA and others radio has settled for the "ONE HIT WONDER".

It seems that no matter what station I listen to the same song is played 400,000,000,000 times in one hour. Some of you may enjoy hearing it but repetition breeds bordom.

Has this ever happened to you? You're driving in your car and a certain song comes on; "GOT NO TALENT" by DYOA (Depressed Youth Of America). Different station, same song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let's have more substance and return radio and music to its former glory.

-- Mark Beaudet
posted 3/22/98