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In a band looking for other bands to play with.

I am in a band that is very heavy on old values in music. We like to mess around a lot with what we play, (you know improv). We've been together for about a year now and have one, 7 song cd, that we put together a couple months ago. We're a young band but we are very smart about what we do musically. The core members of our group have allways had an idea of putting on a three or four traveling band mini-tour/party scene where each band plays for a couple of hours or an hour a pieceat each show. Just looking to put on a fun touring tornado of sound where absolute freedom is not a problem, but in fact is incouraged. If anyone is intersested PLEASE e-mail me!

-Brody Machado, guitar player for HYACYNTH

-- Brody N. Machado
posted 2/8/99