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Re: Thanks for the site

Appreciate the kind words. I always liked Tony Trishka and his band Skyline, who I saw play in NYC occasionally. Trishka is a virtuoso banjoist, playing Bach along with bluegrass and wherever else his muse took him. Right up there with Fleck, who I think is very cool, too.

What can you do to help? I think the best you can do is support good music at the grass roots wherever you find it, and try to encourage it to endure, as we wait for the interactive revolution to eventually change the structure of the business, providing an alternative to the least common denominator of averaged-out radio audiences/formats.

If you really want to get hard-core about it, look for ways to build a less formatted structure into the music business in some way (probably also from the grass roots, like with a club in some area that appreciates variety, or a radio station that is not dependent on advertising revenue, or even get into the online media business with music).

As for this site, it's extracurricular, and not aiming for a volume audience, but more to act as a constant, focused source for triggering word of mouth, and food for thought. If you run into someone who you think would appreciate the message, just let 'em know where to find it. We don't need lots of money to keep this going, just a bit of free time, when we can find it.

-- Dan Krimm
posted 1/5/98