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Radio, the Culprit

RADIO and the MAJORS A nice commercial marriage

We can't do anything about radio. It's locked in to a formula and will not change. What we can do with the Internet medium is not make it what radio and cable are, a tool of the majors.

The MARKET circle includes us. Only we can create our own circle: Artists, netbroadcast promotion, sales. Unlimited genres of music supporting itself because if we build it they will come.

The majors with their big bucks to promote the products they're selling is not a bad thing. There just isn't enough airtime or radio stations to fit it all in. One tune out of 100 CDs makes it to the air, just a guess.

So what's happening on the Net? Tons of garbage Independent music that takes forever to sift through. Everybody's got a tune. Everybody thinks NOW they can put out what radio never gave them a chance to. WELL, for good reason. The amount of crap out here totally drowns out the high quality stuff that should be heard. WELL, we're back to square one.

The bad stuff will never go away because you don't have to make a profit anymore to stay alive. You just pay your Internet access bill and do what you want. So it's no longer competition among the best it's a free-for-all. The people with the bucks will again prevail.

The days of the fireside sing-a-longs have been replaced. We have been trained to expect a level of production.

My challenge to those retailers of Independent music on the Net is to improve the quality of the artists you're selling. Make your sites EASY to get to the music FAST. Take out the long BIOs of the artists, who cares! Let the market direct you. Keep it simple. It's the music not the grapics. Create a radio station of continuous music.

You be the judge of my standards. Look at my retail website and see if your experience isn't better. You may not like all the music but you will think the caliber of songs, arrangements and production set an example.

Look at what I can do with the technology.

You can too. Let's raise the bar while we still can.

Ken Darling
MUSICALL.COM Portland, Oregon

-- Ken Darling MUSICALL.COM
posted 11/24/98